Should Parents Allow Their Boys to Dress Like Girls or Vice Versa? One Family Says Yes!

In a world where gender neutral takes hold, families now argue that we should encourage our children to cross dress or be the gender your not.

Have you heard of the term “gender neutral”? One family in Canada recently made the case that the government should prevent identifying a gender on the birth certificate. Why? Because the family believes the child should decide what gender they want to be. In fact, its becoming more and more common for families to encourage, instead of stifle, their children’s desire to explore and be the opposite gender.

On Facebook, I noticed someone post an intriguing question… They said their child comes home from school wanting to be a girl, and asked everyone; “What should I do?”. Most parents responded overwhelming “we should allow our children to be whatever they want to be.”

And most recently, as referenced in the title, I came across this video from Barcroft TV where a family encourages their boys to dress like girls:

Seriously, what is going on? Why are we denying and lying to our children? If our child was biologically born as a boy, why in the world would we not tell our son that? Why would we encourage them to be something they are not?

Political Correctness

In a world where Donald Trump is now President, it seems like the major argument about life has become about political correctness. Unfortunately, the new battle ground has has emerged at our children’s feet, and we as parents have to make a big decisionw. We risk being judged and possibly being called abusive if we do not heed to political correctness, on either side.

One group thinks its politically correct to allow children to choose what gender they want to be. On the flip side, another group thinks its politically correct to tell and teach your children to be their biological gender. So who is right?

What Should Parents Do?

Let me cut to the chase… Contrary to the major arguments that we find in the news media, I believe its abusive, its NOT politically correct, and just down right wrong to falsely teach your children that they can choose their gender at a young age. Here’s why:

Kids are easily indoctrinated and its our duty as parents to teach them the truth. Confusing them about their gender at such an early age is downright abusive and extremely confusing to them. Its our duty as parents to provide our kids with the facts, and nothing but the facts. Humanity depends on the distinction of genders to survive, messing that up is like removing a the steel skeleton to a skyscraper.

What do you think?